This is the official record of a play-by-email game of Mafia, run with students from Carnegie Mellon over the 2011-2012 winter break. The game was heavily customized, with special roles for every player.

How to use this site
Being a blog, the posts are in reverse-chronological order. So if you’d like, you can start at the very beginning and read the whole thing straight through, like a book. This roughly approximates how the narrators experienced the game.

You can also click on a player’s name, on the right, to filter your view to only the narration seen by that player. This lets you experience the game from a specific player’s point of view.

Finally, there are some post tags like Deaths and Rules to highlight specific parts of the game.

Who created this?
Mafia is a party game that’s been around for over two decades now, and iterated on in countless variations. This particular version was created and narrated by Brad Buchanan and Yotam Haimberg, graduate students at the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon. Most of the content on this site is narration, however, there is lots of input from players and we would like to acknowledge all of our players as co-authors.

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